Sea Window Calypso Snorkeling Raft


Sea Window Calypso Snorkeling Raft

Product description

Exclusively at iSnorkel! Now in stock, the new version of the Sea Window Calypso features design improvements to make it easier to use - plus two patent-pending camera mounts so you can bring your GoPro® or other action sports camera along for the ride. Easy hands-free underwater video! Add the optional Deluxe Kit with posable camera arm for more camera angle options including selfie mode!

The Sea Window's patented design using Aqua-optics is an advancement in underwater viewing that improves that of a mask. All the problems and discomforts associated with mask and snorkel use are eliminated - your face enjoys the open air while you see underwater. No claustrophobia or restrictive face-covering masks! . Now, in total comfort, a personal magnified and enhanced view of the spectacular underwater world is possible for anyone - especially for those who find it difficult to snorkel or swim.

This "Personal Snorkeling Craft" is perfect for adults and older kids (up to 225 lbs and 6'2" tall) who don't want to use a mask and snorkel.


  • Magnifies over 25% using Patented Aqua-Optics
  • Unbelievable trouble-free clarity for ocean, lakes and rivers
  • Comfortable support of head, neck and back
  • Sized for adults & older kids: Capacity up to 6'2" tall or 225 lbs.
  • Crystal clear hard lenses
  • Can be used with corrective lenses - just wear your regular glasses or sunglasses!
  • Open facial area, unblocked peripherial vision
  • Headrest (height is adjustable by adding or removing air)
  • Inflated size approximately 55 x 28 inches.
  • Easy to transport for vacation - just 4.3 pounds.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Constructed from 16 gauge PVC.

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