Sea Window Tortuga Deluxe Snorkeling Window with Camera Mount


Sea Window Tortuga Deluxe Snorkeling Window with Camera Mount

Product description

Exclusively at iSnorkel! The Tortuga Floating Snorkeling Window is perfect for people who don't want to use a mask and snorkel.

The redesigned Tortuga has a larger viewing window plus a built-in camera mount that is compatible with GoPro® cameras. To film underwater, snap in your camera and capture what you see. Most current action cameras will auto-rotate the footage for viewing right side up. To film surface activities, just flip the Tortuga over.

The Sea Window Floating Snorkeling Window features a unique and advanced underwater viewing system. Fill the space between the panes with clear water, and you can see a magnified, crystal clear view of the underwater world without the hassles of a mask or snorkel.

  • Can be used with corrective lenses - just wear your regular glasses or sunglasses!
  • Open facial area, unblocked peripherial vision.
  • For best results, use while wearing a PFD or life jacket.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • Inflated size 14 x 18 inches.
  • Arrives in a box sized 10.5 x 10.5 x 3 inches; when packed in luggage, takes about as much room as a Frisbee flying disc.
  • Weight approximately 1.5 lbs.
  • Constructed from 12 gauge PVC.

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