500psi Scuba & Snorkel Mask Care Pack: Defog & Mask Scrub

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Everything you need to prep and condition new mask lenses and to recondition older ones! This handy kit comes with 1 oz each of 500psi's award winning Mask Defog and Mask Scrub.

500psi Mask Scrub gently removes the manufacturing residue found on new masks and scrubs away accumulation of face oils, sunscreen, etc. that can build up on older masks. Removing this residue will reduce fogging and keep your view clear longer.

  • Periodically use mask scrub to keep your mask in top condition
  • Apply a liberal amount to the dry interior lens surface
  • Rub in firmly using your fingertips, making sure to reach the entire surface area of the lens
  • Rinse well in clean water to remove mask scrub then apply 500psi mask defog for a clear dive
  • If any mask fogging occurs, repeat mask scrub cleaning procedure

500psi Mask Defog received Scuba Diving Magazine's Testers Choice Award for Excellent performance: one application works at least 3 dives in one day.

  • Can be applied to wet or dry lenses, but works best when applied to dry lenses
  • Apply a liberal amount to the interior surface of the lens (pea-sized per lens is usually a good amount)
  • Rub in firmly using fingertips only (no gloves or other material), making sure to reach entire surface area of the lens
  • Rinse clear with water, rubbing gently with fingertips to remove visible residue
  • The remaining defog film will prevent fogging for up to 3 dives
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Use 500psi Mask Scrub only on masks with glass lenses (these are usually marked "TEMPERED" or "T" on the lens); do not use Mask Scrub on polycarbonate or plastic lenses or on masks with anti-reflective coatings.
  • Caution: Mask Scrub may irritate the eyes. Rinse hands and mask lens thoroughly after each use. If irritation develops, rinse eye thoroughly with water. Consult physician if irritation continues.